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The Spalding licensed Wastepaper Basketball basket is a sturdy, plastic, realistic looking basketball hoop. But it is much more than just a wastepaper basket...we're not just talking trash! It's a gift, it's a game, it's a gas!

This patented basket with 12 1/2 inch rim height and hoop diameter make for a fun and exciting, novel way of playing the 15/45 wastepaper basketball challenge.

It's the perfect gift at any occasion...for Graduation, Fathers Day, March Madness, Back-to-School, and the perfect Holiday or Birthday gift. Available to everyone-anytime-any age.


Take the Wastepaper Basketball Challenge!

  • 15 wads of paper (8.5" x 11")
  • 15' from Wastepaper Basketball wastepaper basket
  • 45 seconds on the clock
  • Most baskets in 45 seconds wins!

  • Email: sales@milenproducts.com
    Phone: 562-296-1105

    Minimum order quantity: 1 case
    FOB: Seal Beach, CA 90740

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