Milen, LLC was created in January 2000 from its roots as Carlen Enterprises which was founded in 1990.  Milen branched out to become a major developer, manufacturer and wholesale distributor of unique and patented products that bring real benefits and value to consumers. Our worldwide procurement and distribution facility for traditional sales, as well as off-price sales capabilities, is based in Seal Beach California.  We take pride in creating or adopting an emerging item and catapulting it into a commercially marketable product, then introducing it to distribution throughout our nationwide network of retail accounts.

Traditional sales

With extensive industry experience, ranging from sales and purchasing, to wholesale distribution and operation management, the Milen team understands both the intricacies of retail warehouse operations as well as the realities of the retail marketplace.
When it comes to creating quality, unique products and packaging, Milen is your one-stop-shop!  Our Product development and design team delivers thoughtful and well-designed products, custom manufactured through exclusive relationships with our off-site factories, delivered in custom-designed, eye-catching packaging.

Off-Price sales

We not only feature our own Milen, LLC branded products but remain fully connected to our lineage of over 40 years of experience as one of the foremost distributors of off-price sales for mutually beneficial ‘flip’ deals and building strong, enduring relationships with our business partners.
By anticipating consumer trends, Milen sets itself apart from others within the industry. You can trust Milen LLC to provide a one-stop-shop service.

Michael Freede
CEO / Founder

Michael Freede is a born leader with over 40 years of experience in the wholesale/retail distribution business.  His keen understanding of the financial and day to day operations; a great eye for spotting opportunities; and the gift of matching the value-of-merchandise to each consumer, are his strongest attributes. And the driving force behind his business. Over the years, Michael’s many great relationships are developed through old fashioned hard work and exceptional, successful business endeavors.
From his roots in the small town of Chelsea, Massachusetts, at the age of 18, Michael began traveling the country dealing with some of the largest national retail chains in the US.   By 23 he became Vice President of Sales at International Silver.  Then, as an enterprising young man, he moved to California.
Once in Los Angeles, after several years as a manufacturer’s representative, Michael founded Carlen Enterprises which grew to become one of the foremost distributors in the off-price/secondary retail segment and quickly became a driving force in the Hip-Hop and premium denim brands. With continued success, Carlen soon became the exclusive distributor of the Ed Hardy Brand for the secondary market. And today, Michael continues to have a strong foothold for opportunities in the off-price industry.
With a new millennium, new opportunities arose.  In 2000 he created Milen which quickly grew to be very successful in the As Seen On TV business, while still maintaining a strong presence in the off-price market.  Milen’s new As Seen On TV products were sold throughout the US and Canada with much success in nearly every National Retail chain.  Currently, Milen develops and distributes their own exclusively designed products to major retailers across the US.
Michael is a strong believer in philanthropy and actively gives, both financially and personally, to various charities and organizations in need of help. His favorite saying is, “You have to give back!”
Michael continues to aggressively seek opportunities for Milen, and as owner and CEO, he calls on his 45 years of experience to continually look at every product submission - never pre-judging - exploring its full potential and fit among the Milen brands.